Our Mission...

As a leading force in digital health and performance, DURAHUMAN Technologies is dedicated to providing tools that adapt to meet the evolving needs of human wellness. Through relentless innovation and a commitment to trust, we redefine the intersection of healthcare and technology.

Our Aim...

Our mission at DURAHUMAN Technologies is to forge the path to extraordinary lives through healthcare technologies and robust fitness intelligence. By embedding our core values of human-centrism and trust in each product, we establish ourselves as your partner in the pursuit of durable human strength and health.

Our Vision...

Driven by the pursuit of excellence, DURAHUMAN Technologies is dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions that solve real-world problems, making life easier, safer, and more connected on Earth and soon, beyond it.

Join our mission today and future generations will thank you!

  • Mission -

    " to provide human-centric tools and trusted resources to improve quality of life."
  • Aim -

    " to redefine the boundaries of human performance through wearable technology, cybernetic solutions and Human health supplements
  • Vision -

    " to be a key player in the evolution of Humankind as a multi-planetary species."

    1. Human-Centrism
    2. Innovation
    3. Trust

What is Human-Centrism?

(U) Focusing on us...with rapidly advancing fields of artificial intelligence and cybernetic solutions, DURAHUMAN Technologies has the unique opportunity to revolutionize quality of life. By leveraging our subject matter expertise and industry foresight, we can minimize Human disease footprint and enhance quality of life on Earth, and eventually, beyond it.

β†’ Imagine a world where genetic disorders and disease prevalence is minimized;

β†’ Where complications from sickness are quickly solved;

β†’ Where Human and non-human entities coexist in an optimized state of harmony.

DURAHUMAN is constructing solutions for a world where these things exist outside of our imagination and dramatically improve Human quality of life.

The Auroridia

(U) DURAHUMAN Technologies embodies the epitome of excellence, symbolized by the most coveted and precious natural substance on Earth: The Diamond. Each facet of the DURAHUMAN Aurora diamond (Auroridia) embodies a meticulously calculated measure (color) of Human optimization.

Creative. Genius. Durable.

The 3 P Methodology -

Practice -

(U) Over 2000 years of evolution led to the culmination of of Durahuman practice; As experts in all things Human Durability, it's important we translate that to you in simple, yet highly effective methods. We don't practice to get it right, we operate to not get it wrong.

Precision –

(U) Our team of Health professionals don't miss a beat when it comes to precision and accuracy of information. Every piece of technology, program or product, goes through many layers of assurance. The end result is an efficient instrument to enable Human durability.

Performance -

(U) To put results into action is the life blood of Durahuman Technologies. Performance isn't the end result, it's a step. A step towards the ultimate mission of Human Prosperity. We ensure that whatever trials humankind may face, we are prepared.


DURAHUMAN wearable technology offers state-of-the-art fitness technology, including heart rate monitoring, health issue alerts, and fitness goal tracking, just to name a few. These wearables keep you more connected to yourself than ever before, revolutionizing the way you stay fit and healthy. Imagine a world where you can monitor your body's response to exercise and make adjustments in real-time, giving you the edge needed to reach new levels of performance

The Durahuman Model

(U) The Durahuman Model is an advanced technique of measuring progression and driving an athlete’s path to peak performance. If the equation Behavior + Results = Performance is assumed true, Then we can manipulate the factors using a simulated spectrum to generate specific outcomes.

That's all nerd talk for...improving performance step by step.


At DURAHUMAN, we go beyond merely providing tools for enhanced performance. We empower you to become a master of your craft. Our team of dedicated professionals has devoted their lives to unlocking the secrets of peak performance. With over 2000 years of collective knowledge at our disposal, we have distilled the essence of human evolution into a comprehensive collection of programs known as the X SERIES. From cutting-edge scientific research to personalized implementations, our X Series programs seamlessly integrate performance enhancement into your daily routine

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Frequently asked

Can I use your products without any prior knowledge or experience?

We aim to make our products as user-friendly as possible, with step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and dedicated customer support to assist you. Our interfaces are designed with user experience in mind, ensuring that even if you have no prior knowledge of the technology, you can quickly learn and make the most of our products and services.

I'm a gym/supplement shop owner, are there distribution options?

We offer bulk purchasing and special discounts for corporate clients, large distributors and training facility owners. For more information, please contact our corporate and distribution sales team at - sales@durahuman.com

How does Durahuman technology work?

Each piece of Durahuman technology is designed to be user-friendly, easy to comprehend, and efficient. We utilize state-of-the-art algorithms, machine learning, and advanced software components to provide seamless integration with your daily life. Our products are rigorously tested, ensuring high quality and safety standards.

Where can I learn more about your latest developments and innovations?

You can stay updated about our latest offerings, news, and developments by subscribing to our newsletter, following us on social media platforms, or visiting our blog. We regularly share exciting updates, insights, and behind-the-scenes looks at our research and developments. Join our growing community to stay in the loop and get early access to our newest products and services.